Since its incorporation as a California non-profit organization in 1993, The Robert and Nalini Lasiewicz Foundation has launched, funded or provided organizational assistance for a variety of charitable causes. The Foundation seeks to address social ills, facilitate dialog, and engage in projects that promote education, democracy, peace, and personal and social health, worldwide. We have supported and promoted dozens of projects and programs and strive to provide opportunities for people who care to participate in worthwhile programs.

Crossroads of Music, an early childhood music education program was created in partnership with the Whittier, CA school district and Glendale Community College. The in-service program utilized a win-win Mentor/Student structure to provide high quality music education for elementary students and training for future music teachers at the same time. College interns earned money and received classroom experience assisting the K-6th students under the mentorship of a master music teacher. The combined funding of the school district, the parent association and grants from the Lasiewicz Foundation demonstrated a successful formula for delivering afterschool programs during a period when arts and music education had experienced drastic cuts across the state.

The Lasiewicz Foundation has also been active promoting civic engagement by supporting projects and programs in Los Angeles through our Neighborhoods Now project. We have organized community meetings on Redistricting, Neighborhood Watch and the formation of the Los Angeles Network of Neighborhood Councils. Other projects have included the Winter Warm-Up relief in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, to benefit the homeless during winter months. For several years, the Foundation provided outreach and administrative help in setting up the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and worked closely with the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation to launch regional meetings between Park Advisory Boards, in order to share best practices in local participation with youth programs and stimulate successful public/private partnerships.

The primary focus in our first six years of our work was on supporting human rights, youth programs and refugee assistance in the former Yugoslavia, which had become an embattled a war zone in the early 90s. Our programs included "Bosnia Briefings", a research and information service that brought news from the war zone to US media outlets, and "Convoy Bosnia", assisting NGO's and aid workers in the field. Funding was developed through a variety of outreach programs including a film screening of "The Eyes of Bosnia" and the national Arts & Entertainment broadcast of "Mozart's Requiem" filmed in the bombed out Sarajevo Museum and presented to an international audience in documentary form, with donations to aid groups being collected and distributed by the Lasiewicz Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about our foundation or have a project that is seeking administrative or marketing support or partnership, please call our founder and volunteer Executive Director, Nalini Lasiewicz at (818) 249-9691, or email her at nalini[at]

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Lasiewicz Foundation is a registered California 501c-3 non-profit corporation, Tax ID# 95-4462262.